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Smarter staff communications

Post important voice messages, podcast your news and tell stories to connect remote teams.

Your team can listen to and comment on voice notes in the Sound Branch app, or directly from the web. This curated audio makes it easy to get caught up fast and helps remote teams.

With Sound Branch, you know who listened to your update. See which voice messages create energy and engagement, and which ones aren’t getting through!

Communicate on the go

Sound Branch makes it easy for people to communicate from anywhere in the world, whenever it’s convenient for them. Use the Sound Branch app or the web application depending on where you are and what device is available to you.

Sound Branch is the easiest and most powerful way to start communicating with your team.

Amazing Features

sound branch podcasting with no editing


People driving on the busy motorway don’t want the distraction of emails pinging in the car.

Better connect your sales force with voice messaging.


Your top sales people don’t like administration in the CRM and composing lengthy emails to management.

Voice notes offer a mean for richer and faster communication.


Management can understand the wins in the team and reach out when sales reps need help and support.

Emojis tagged against voices notes gives managers the ability to understand the message.


Connect your tools and apps with Sound Branch so your team can stay connected, work faster and keep conversations in one place.

We’ve picked some of the most popular and useful apps to get you off to a running start.

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